Thoughts on Activities

Our trip is six weeks away from today. I am hitting that panic stage even though we still have a while. The minute we land I predict all eyes will be on me and ask, “What are we doing now?” I am trying to keep a list of things to see in various places so we can narrow things down. I am not worrying about the Rhine river, the Netherlands, or Paris as those areas I am sure we will easily find things to do. So the areas I am spending time looking into are Berlin, Munich, and the Alps.

My thought for Berlin was that we will land and immediately take naps. Both of my kids have already declared they are not planning on sleeping on the plane. I know you all are jealous. Don’t you want to deal with over tired kids at 10 AM in the morning (which will be 4 AM our time)? So naps we will be taking. But I figured that first day in Berlin we will see things like the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg gate, the Tiergarten, etc. I want to do things that don’t require a lot of concentration and we can just enjoy our surroundings. Day two in Berlin I am considering a day trip to Potsdam. And day three I am thinking will be our museum day. I would really like to see the Pergamon museum. After that I really don’t care what we see.

We arrive in Munich early in the morning and we only have a day here. My thought is to wait on picking up our rental car since the subway at the train station takes you directly into the main area of town. Why pick up our rental and then have to deal with parking? So I am thinking we head to the old part of town, go to the Marienplatz, find a farmer’s market, go to the Deutches museum, check out a biergarten and/or Hoffbrahaus. After that I really have no plans. I think there is a bridge north of the city that my husband wants to see. And I know Dachau is close by Munich but I am not sure that we would like to explain that to the kids at their current ages. Or we could just head south to the Alps earlier than expected.

We then spend two nights in the Alps. My thoughts for this region include going into Austria. The town we are staying in is right on the border. It is fairly close to Innsbruck too so part of me is thinking maybe have lunch or dinner in Innsbruck. I have also seen some things on the Internet regarding Bobsled rides. I think everyone would enjoy this experience if there is one near us but it is not something I want to do if we need to drive out of our way to get to. So, we have one day for Austria…and then we leave the next morning to head to my cousin’s house. On this day we are planning on seeing Neuschwanstein castle. After that we are heading towards Lake Constance but we might take a scenic route there. Our castle tour is at 10:25…I am thinking maybe after the tour we can do a picnic lunch somewhere.

We leave the Alps and then head to my cousin’s house. My goal is to be at her house by 5 PM. Hopefully that will happen. She has kids that are close in age to mine. So I am not planning anything when we are there. It is halfway through our trip…I figure the kids will just enjoy playing with each other for a day and they will enjoy the break. Still – there is a town a half hour south of my cousin that I would like to see – so if we have to miss it to get to my cousin’s house on time we might go back to the town the next morning or afternoon – but we will let everyone sleep in at least 🙂

One nice thing is that when we are in Europe the sun set time is around 9 PM. So we will have plenty of sunlight on our trip (assuming it is not raining).

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Activities

  1. Liked your suggestions on Berlin & Munich. We will be there in 2 weeks – like you can’t wait!

  2. Paula

    Innsbruck and Munich both have Olympic stadiums of some sort, if that kind of thing is interesting to you. May not be very touristy, but pics of Olympic rings maybe good picnic spot, if you happen to be near those areas.

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