Reservations for the Anne Frank house

After I noticed all the tickets for the Eiffel Tower reservations were sold out I panicked and contacted my Dutch friend Angie in regards to the Anne Frank house. I asked her to please purchase those as soon as possible. It is one thing to wait in line at the Eiffel Tower, it is another to wait in line at the Anne Frank house.

The Eiffel Tower is basically in a park environment, so if you are waiting in line someone else can take the kids and run around or get a snack or take pictures of the kids. The Anne Frank house is in the middle of Amsterdam. There are not parks nearby and you basically have to wait in a long queue. It is also much smaller than the Eiffel Tower so it’s capacity is much smaller. Hence why I wanted tickets in advance. I don’t want to be waiting hours for us to see it.

The Anne Frank house is pretty much my only MUST SEE attraction in Amsterdam to do with the kids (if I was there without them I would be doing many more things, trust me (visiting a coffee house would not be one of those things though)). I remember reading the Diary of Anne Frank when I was younger and always wanting to see her house and where she wrote most of her diary. My kids might not remember much of our visit but one day when they read her book I can remind them that they were there once – the exact place she was when she wrote her diary.

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