Picking our seats for the long flights

I booked our tickets back in September. When I booked them I chose our seats. If the plane has a 2-2 configuration I try to book our seats so that two people are in front and two people are behind. I generally do not book the seats so they are all next to each other. That way if one of my kids keeps kicking the seat in front of them, then we know they are kicking a family member’s seat. So that is how I initially booked our seats.

Back in October I was checking the seat map layout. I discovered that for some reason bulkhead seats were available. I know people have different opinions of bulkhead seats. Personally, I love them. They generally have a lot more leg room than other seats. And when you are flying internationally, more leg room equals more space and you don’t feel crammed. Also, I feel as though the seats are a bargaining tool. If we decide we do not want to sit in the bulkhead seats it is easier to switch with someone than if we had seats in the back of the plane by the bathroom. There are a couple of drawbacks to a bulkhead seat though. First, there is no under the seat storage for your items. Second, the seat width can be smaller because your tray table is between the seats. In my opinion the extra leg room outweighs the disadvantage. So, I decided to put us all in the bulkhead for the way to Europe. Unfortunately that meant we were separated by the middle column of seats. Still, I decided we could manage, we’d still be relatively close to each other. On our return trip there were only two bulkhead seats available, so I put Bubba and my husband in those and Rhubarb and I would suffer in non-bulkhead seats in another cabin on the plane.

I periodically check our seat assignments to see if I can get us closer together. This morning I checked and found that some bulkhead seats opened up in the cabin Bubba and my husband were in. Now we will all be sitting together on the way home and we will all be sitting in bulkhead seats. Additionally the middle row opened up for the flight to Europe, so I switched the seats Rhubarb and I were currently in so that we are now right next to Bubba and my husband.

I am cautiously optimistic though about these seats. My fear is that one day I will check our seats and discover that we have been reassigned. Or that there was a change in cabin aircraft and we no longer have these prized seats. Or what if we check in and these are bulkhead seats that can hold a bassinet. Will we be forced to move our seats? I’m willing to move if they’ll put me in Business Class….

Current seats for our flight to Europe

Current seats for our flight to Europe

Current seats for our flight from Europe

Current seats for our flight from Europe

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