Packing light on a visit to the grandparents

We visited my parents for Easter. My goal was to pack for three of us in two suitcases. When we head to Europe we are trying to pack for four only using two suitcases, so I was seeing if this is something even obtainable. I was able to fit everything in two suitcases and I am confident we can do it for Europe now. Also, I did not bring my kids pillow pets or blankets with us. Both of them managed just fine.

So, between two suitcases I was able to pack running gear for myself, laptop, various electrical cords, church clothes for everyone, pajamas, pants, sweatshirts, etc. I needed to do laundry one night but that was okay because that is what we will need to do in Europe. Another benefit of packing light – I had fewer clothes to put away when we got home.

So, these are the things I have decided on so far for packing for the kids:
1. No swimsuits –> I think only one place we will be staying at will have a pool. And I don’t think we will even have time to swim in the pool because of the amount of sightseeing we will be doing.
2. Everyone gets to bring with them 3 pairs of pants/shorts. I figure we will all wear jeans on the plane. Then in the luggage the kids will have two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts. The pants I got them for the trip have the legs that zip off. That way they now have two more pairs of shorts if needed. For myself I am wearing my jeans and packing two pairs of capris and one pair of shorts. I refuse to allow myself more than that. So each of us will have four pairs of pants which should be enough between laundry days.

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