Easy hike for kids at the Grand Canyon South Rim

Last year we visited Arizona and New Mexico during my kid’s spring break. The primary objective of the trip was to visit the Grand Canyon. I knew that we would not have time to hike to the bottom and back up and I also knew that Bubba and Rhubarb were not old enough to do that yet. But I knew I wanted to do at least one hike while we were there. I am also afraid of heights so I did not want a hike that had drop offs on the sides of the trail. I started doing my research.


Angie at the Grand Canyon (I think this is Shoshone Point but I am not sure)

I found the Shoshone Point trail. This trail was perfect. This hike is about a mile to the Grand Canyon. The hike is along a dirt (or gravel – I can’t remember) road. It is pretty flat. Bubba had no problems walking it. Rhubarb rode in a jogging stroller. The hike is through a Ponderosa forest until you get to the rim. The views at the rim are amazing and there are also not a lot of people here. Once we reached the rim I still maintained twenty feet between me and the rim.

When you reach the rim there are picnic tables which I believe you are supposed to have a permit to use. I remember there being toilets but without running water. Basically the toilets that you only use if you really need to go.


Bubba at the Grand Canyon (I think this is Shoshone Point but I am not sure)

So, if you go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. You have young kids, one or more of which may be in a stroller 
  2. You want a flat hike no longer than two miles round trip
  3. You are afraid of heights but want to be able to say you went hiking at the Grand Canyon
  4. You want a hike that is secluded from the many tourists

then be sure to google the “Shoshone Point” trail before your trip. This website has pretty good information on the trail including where it is located and where to park.

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