The kids

The kids

The kids

Our trip to Europe will be my kids first trip out of the country. When we go Bubba, my son, will be seven years old. Rhubarb, his sister will be four and a half years old.


The Bubba

The Bubba

Bubba is very excited about this trip. I have no concerns for him on the trip. He is really excited to try new foods. He can’t wait to learn about other cultures and experience McDonald’s in every country we visit. Bubba asks a million questions a day and before you can answer a question he is onto the next question. One thing that he constantly asks about is how will we communicate if we don’t speak the language. I can’t wait for him to experience this and for him to find ways to communicate when he does not know the language. In restaurants we will probably tell him how to order in that country’s language so he will get to communicate with people.




When I ask Rhubarb what her plans are for the trip she says, “Go on rides.” Hopefully the airplane ride and train rides count. She is the child I have concerns about. She has a very stubborn side and if she is tired you better make sure you have some wine in the house. She is not as adventurous an eater as her brother. I don’t expect that she will like everything that we order for her in restaurants. However I hope that she will try what is ordered for her and not throw a fit if she does not like something. As long as she tries her meal I am more than happy to pick up some bread for her to munch on after the meal. Also, as I mentioned earlier – if she gets tired you better watch out! So while we hope to see a lot we also have to remember to keep things interesting for a four year old. As much as I would love to spend a day at the Louvre, my daughter would reply this is “Boring, boring, boring.” Hopefully she will surprise me on the trip and have perfect behavior.

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One thought on “The kids

  1. Catherine

    I love these photos of the kids!

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