Paris lodging

We are planning on spending three days in the Paris area. We will arrive in Paris around 11 AM on a Thursday and we leave Paris around 5:30 PM on a Saturday. Anyone who has ever visited Paris before knows how expensive it is to stay in a hotel there. When my husband and I were there for our honeymoon we stayed at a five star hotel using points I had accumulated from my days traveling to a client site. The room we had overlooked the Paris Opera house and regularly went for over 500€ a night. We paid $0.

When I started researching Paris hotel rooms I found I could get a room for two people for about $160 a night. But that was only for two people. A room for four people was going to cost us at least $300 a night. Do I book two rooms in a Paris hotel or do I book a quad room somewhere?

Another question I needed to figure out was should we stay in Paris or should we stay close to our friend who lives near the Meaux train station? While we are planning on sightseeing in Paris at least two days, at the end of the day we want to be visiting with our friend. So I decided to look for lodging close to her. Additionally lodging is much cheaper outside of Paris.

Meaux is approximately a 25 minute train ride from the Paris East train station. I figure we will be in Paris on Thursday and Saturday. So we will only need to commute to Meaux once on Thursday and we will commute to Paris from Meaux once on Saturday. We are still undecided on what we will do on Friday in France (the kids are hoping to go to Disneyland Paris, but that’s a whole other blog post).

I began searching Meaux hotels. I found one that had a room for four at a reasonable rate, but the hotel does not have the best reviews and it is not within walking distance to the train station. I then found a house that is a five minute walk from the train station. The owners rent a large bedroom on the first floor, secluded from the rest of the house with a private entrance. The cost for this room is €88 a night which is very reasonable seeing as we would be paying triple that if we were staying in Paris. The rate also includes breakfast. Right now that is the rate for two of us – I am hoping the kids will want to stay with our friend but if they don’t the owner has told me the room can accommodate up to four people, but they charge additional euros for more than two people.

One thing though that concerned me was that this was just one room in one house. What if the owners decided they wanted to stop renting the room out? What if there were negative reviews of the room? As a result I decided to make another reservation at the hotel that had quad rooms. That is cancelable up to 6 PM the night of the reservation. I am planning on holding onto that reservation and will cancel it closer to our trip when I am confident that we will have no problems with the bedroom rental in the house.

Paris lodging solved, and at a rate I am pretty excited about!

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