Look at the fine print

We bought our tickets for our trip in September. Since then I have made all the reservations for lodging that I could. I figured out what trains we will be taking as well but those cannot be booked until around 90 days before your trip. I thought this was also true for the sleeper cars on the German rail line City Night Line. That was the one train I was worried about. The plan is for us to take a night train from Berlin to Munich. I don’t want to be sleeping in seats or couchettes with young kids, so I wanted to make that reservation as soon as I possibly could. So I have had an alarm set up on my phone to alert me when it is 90 days before we can catch that train. I wanted to make sure we reserved a sleeper car.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was looking at the brochure for the night train and I noticed one sentence stating,

Supplements (reservation of the comfort category) can be booked a maximum of 179 days in advance.

I immediately panicked. I could have booked our sleeper car a couple of months ago! Would there be anything left? How do I reserve this?

If you reserve 90 days before your trip you can book the sleeper and tickets at once over the Internet and you don’t need to talk to a human. However to reserve just the sleeper you have to speak to a person. I first tried calling the Deutsche Bahn number for Germany and then pressing the numbers to get to one of their English speakers. Everytime I did that I received a message that all operators were busy and to please try calling later. Then I found a UK Deutsche Bahn number and tried calling from my cell. The call would not go through. Finally I tried calling from my land line and was connected. I was able to make a reservation for a four person sleeper car. The representative was giving me quotes in pounds but I had been looking at prices in euros, so I had to quickly convert the prices in pounds to prices in dollars to see what the actual cost was. It was a really stressful reservation to make as I prefer being able to look over the prices on line before booking something and being able to take my time to commit. Thankfully though that reservation has now been made and I can start to relax.

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