Car seats and booster seats

During our European adventure we are planning on traveling in a rental car and trains. My husband and I went to France for our honeymoon and we each brought a huge suitcase that was a huge pain with the rental car and when we checked in and out of hotels.


The suitcases we took on our honeymoon to Europe

So we are hoping to pack really light on this trip to make the navigation between hotels, trains, cars, and two young kids easier. We will have access to laundry machines every few days and we plan to do a load of laundry in Berlin at a laundromat as well. However, one item that you cannot cut back on are child safety seats. I was dreading lugging these around Europe. At home my son currently sits in a high back booster and my daughter is still riding in a five point harness. She is big enough for a booster but I feel she is much safer in the harness. When we travel though I am willing to let both kids ride with low back boosters.


The low back booster seat we currently own

Since I am willing to let the kids use low back boosters on our trip, now I don’t need to bring a huge carseat and a high back booster seat. Still, low back booster seats take up a lot of room. This is the style the one low back booster we own looks like.

It is still pretty big to bring with us AND we need to bring two of them. However, one day on Amazon I came across this bumble booster. This booster inflates with air and is very compact when you are not using it. It also gets good ratings from The Car Seat Lady website. I purchased two of them. They were slightly pricey for a booster at $39 a piece but I should easily be able to resell them on Craigslist for at least half of that. But I think we will be holding on to them for a while. Now that I have found these we can easily fit BOTH of these in a book bag with my husband’s work computer. Even though we are trying to pack lightly, there is no way he would ever leave that computer at home.




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