Berlin lodging

Our trip starts with us arriving in Berlin around 10 AM. I remember the jet lag I felt on my honeymoon to France and I am not looking forward to it in Berlin. I want to make sure that after we land we can go to sleep immediately, especially since the kids will be with us. However we also have another problem – we need a place that will sleep four people. Unfortunately quad rooms in Europe are not as common as they are in the US. So if I book a quad room then chances are the room will not be ready for an early check in since it will have most likely been booked the night before too. I don’t want to arrive in Berlin and then be unable to nap until 3 or 4 PM. Another problem is that a few nights later we are catching the night train from Berlin to Munich. That will mean we need to be out of our hotel room by noon or earlier and we will be homeless until 8 PM. We would be able to store our bags with the hotel but we would still have no where to take a mid day break if we wanted.

Previous VRBO rental - Sedona, Arizona

Previous VRBO rental – Sedona, Arizona

So I started looking for an apartment to rent on We have used this site several times to book rentals and have always been pleased. We save money by not renting a hotel room and we can also cook if we want to. Everyone has more room to spread out as well and my husband and I don’t need to go to bed the minute the kids do.

I managed to find an apartment in Berlin. It is not as nice as places we typically stay at but the price is very reasonable. It is right next to a metro station as well. Since the price is so reasonable I am actually paying for the rental starting on Saturday even though we won’t be checking in until Sunday. This way the minute we land we have a place we can go to and crash. Additionally the owner is also giving us a late checkout so we can stay until we need to go catch our train. This way everyone can shower before we head to the train station since we won’t be able to do that on our train. Berlin problem solved. Hopefully everything works out once we arrive.

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