The itinerary

We booked our airline tickets to Europe in September. We had an idea of where we wanted to go and I had decided that we would determine our itinerary after we booked our airline tickets. There are many airports we could have flown into and I wanted to fly into wherever we got the cheapest tickets. That ended up being flying into Berlin and out of Dusseldorf.

While we are in Europe there are a few people we hope to visit. One lives in Biberach (Germany), one lives in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and one lives right outside of Paris (France). We were hoping to be able to visit all of them.

So our itinerary goes like this:
– Arrive in Berlin. Stay there for two nights. On the third night take the overnight train from Berlin to Munich
– Day in Munich. Head down to the Alps at night
– Two nights in the Alps (Garmisch-Partenkirchen). Plan to explore the Alps region, Neuschwanstein castle, Lake Constance
– Two nights in Biberach
– One night along the Rhine river in Sankt Goar
– Train from Dusseldorf to Rotterdam. Three nights there. While there we will explore Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other interesting Dutch towns
– Morning train from Rotterdam to Paris. Three days in Paris
– Evening train from Paris to Dusseldorf
– Return home from Dusseldorf

I know it’s a lot. But when I go on vacations I want to see the world. I can’t relax on a trip. If we spent a week in the Alps I would be thinking of all the other places we could also be seeing. Also, I debated spending a night in Munich but in the end I decided not to because that would mean another night of checking in and out of hotels. I thought it made more sense to drive the hour south to our accommodations in the Alps. The sun does not set until after nine PM that night. However it does mean we cannot enjoy too much beer in Munich!

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